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2019 Third Annual Kol Ha-Ne’arim Tallit Project

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The Kol ha-Ne’arim aliyah is a cherished minhag of Simchat Torah. It is both a pleasure and honor for the members of our shul to share the nachat each year as we watch our children and grandchildren (and, for some, great-grandchildren) stand under an oversized tallit and receive an aliyah. 

Baruch HaShem, our families and our community have grown tremendously and will Gd-willing continue to grow. The youth of our shul have such a strong connection with Eitz Chayim – from weekly groups to Shabbos birthday parties to special programming surrounding Yom Tovim – they are at the heart and soul of what our shul is all about. This kesher is exemplified in our shul over Simchat Torah, as we watch the smiling faces of our youth dance with the Torah and receive their special bracha.

It is with this in mind that our shul created the Annual Kol ha-Ne'arim Project.    

We are once again excited to be offering the opportunity to submit the names of your children, grandchildren, and/or great-grandchildren to be machine-embroidered on the Kol ha-Ne’arim tallit that has been generously donated to the shul by Rabbi Menachem and Leah Brick and family. These names will be added to the same tallit that was embroidered last year.

The DEADLINE for submitting your names is July 1, 2019. After that date, we cannot guarantee the names will be included for Simchat Torah this year. However, names will continue to be added each year.

The fee for including your child/children’s/grandchildren's names is $36 dollars for two names per child. We ask that you limit the submission to 2 names per child (first and middle name) for a total of $36. If you wish to include a third name (or last name), please include a surcharge of $25 to cover the embroidery costs. Non-members may participate as well, at a rate of $50 per child (includes 2 names per child). The child’s names should be clearly printed in Hebrew when submitted. The names will be embroidered randomly so that the child might look up and find his or her own name while standing under the tallit. 

We look forward to celebrating together this Simchat Torah with our kehillah’s special embroidered tallit and we look forward to recognizing the newest additions to our community - our children - by adding their names to the ECDP Kol Ha'Nearim Tallit each year.   


Please email any questions to Ariella Weitzman (

Wed, November 20 2019 22 Cheshvan 5780