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SAVE THE DATE: ECDP invites all men to a Summer Brotherhood BBQ! Day and August 14, 2019 at the home of Dovi Greenberger, 638 Willow Road. Looking forward to seeing you there! More details to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE: YIWH, ECDP & Anshei are pleased to welcome Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt to West Hempstead on Shabbat ParshatBalak, July 20, 2019. He will be speaking at Anshiei and YIWH Shabbat morning during and following davening, He will speaking at ECDP between Mincha & Maariv, 6 pm 

MONTHLY KIDDUSH: Our next monthly Shabbat Kiddush will take place Shabbat, Parshat Balak, July 20, 2019. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please email and let us know the occasion for inclusion in the announcements.

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2019 Third Annual Kol Ha-Ne’arim Tallit Project: 

The Kol ha-Ne’arim aliyah is a cherished minhag of Simchat Torah. It is both a pleasure and honor for the members of our shul to share the nachat each year as we watch our children and grandchildren (and, for some, great-grandchildren) stand under an oversized tallit and receive an aliyah. 

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Tue, July 16 2019 13 Tammuz 5779